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BIFE & Women Weaver Community from Mollo

Weaving and women cannot be separated for the Molo community in NTT. It is a symbol of the maturity of women in order that she might be suitable for marriage.  From the hand of the weaver is born beautiful cloths of high quality which are in harmony with the environment. 


Behind the Molo weavings has also grown a social movement from a woman name Aleta Baun, who is also the head of the Molo Tribal Customs.  She has become one with the community to defend themselves from the environmental destruction in the area of Nausus and Anjaf. She received the prestigious Goldman Environment Award which is annually given to grassroots environmental activists.  On this former mining location, the Mama Aleta community has built a customary house as a place to study and a workshop to develop the ability of farmers and weavers in the community.


The BIFE Weaving House support the preservation of Molo Weavings. These innovative works are environmentally friendly and are at the same time a means of economic development for the community. They have been brought to the national and international level.  BIFE means women that are symbolized by Mother Earth, who are protectors of the environment and food supplies.  It is not surprising that the materials of the Molo weavers come from nature, like the cotton, natural dyes and others.