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Tewuni Rai Savu - Savu shoulder cloth Selendang worapi

$ 30.00


The motif boda is a common motif for men hip- and shoulder cloths and is based on the shape of a lozange. The motif (wo) dilu meaning ‘ear’ is restricted to the maternal lineage wini  Ga Lena, thus seen only on weaving worn by men of this maternal line.Worapi is a technical term referring to textiles showing three colours in the ikat bands of motifs.

Materials: commercial cotton (benang katun)

Ikat, dye and weaving process: Rut Lay

Moiety:  Greater Blossom (hubi ae)

Maternal lineage: wini Ga Lena

Motif: boda and dilu

Dye process:  Rut Lay 

Natural dyes (warna alam): indigo (nila), morinda (mengkudu)

Dimensions: L: 158 cm (warp), l 15 cm (weft)

Color: Blue, red and white