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Tewuni Rai Savu - Shoulder cloth with 3 bands of the motif kejanga hi’i wotelu huri kejanga

$ 50.00


Ikat, dye and weaving process: Ice Tede Dara Moiety: Lesser Blossom (hubi iki) Maternal lineage: wini Jèwu Motifs: wokejanga Natural dyes (warna alam): morinda (mengkudu)

Materials: commercial cotton (benang katun)

The motif wokejanka or ‘branching group’ is owned by the maternal lineage wini Putenga. At the origin it was found only on men’s hipcloths. Red cloths are believed to give protection and energy to its wearer. Now it is accepted as a motif for shoulder cloths for female members of the group.

Dimensions: L: 154 cm (warp) l: 42cm (weft)

Color: Red, yellow, and white