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Tewunirai Savu - Nr 091011 on website / Textile nr 10 in Ice’s list. (same as nr 9)

$ 30.00

Description: The motif boda is a basic motif on men’s hipcloths of the Greater Blossom group. The motif wodilu (ear) is restricted to the maternal lineage wini Ga Lena.

Name of the textile: Shoulder cloth / selendang worapi Weaver: Rut Lay Moiety: Greater Blossom (hubi ae) Maternal lineage: wini Ga Lena Motifs: boda and wodilu Dye process: Rut Lay Natural dyes (warna alam): indigo (nila), morinda (mengkudu) Material: commercial cotton (benang katun)

Weight: 100 g Price asked by the weaver: Rp.400.000,-

Selling price: Rp.440.000,-

Materials: -

Dimensions: Dimensions as seen on the photo: L: 158 cm (warp) l: 15cm (weft)

Color: Red, blue and white